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An unique experience

Since 1983, Anne MERCKLING, founder of « Parfums & Idées » has worked in the perfume industry.

Her unique career, both technical and marketing, complemented by regulatory competences, allow her to practice as a multi-competence expert in the perfume industry. Her principal clients are companies but « Parfums & Idées » also works with individuals looking to find a perfume that suits them, with a different approach adapted to their needs.

From the luxury sector with the Giorgio Armani perfumes; to the mass retail sector with le Petit Marseillais, not forgetting Sephora distributor in the Selective sector, it's this variety of products and marketing styles which created the wealth of Perfumes & Idées. Each has a common goal: working towards success and the tastes of the customer.

If there is no recipe for success in the world of perfumeries, there exists a recipe for avoiding failure. This is what we try to convey to the client: so that they can avoid making choices which are against their interests.

Enriched by these varied experiences, one of Anne MERCKLING's passions is to help individual clients find their perfume, to create it for them in the same way that she does for brands: by surrounding herself with the best specialists. And if the made to measure perfume is too expensive, she proposes to coach them in the often difficult choice of their perfume, by listening to them and helping them understand themselves s better, in order to find the perfume that corresponds to them at last.

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Passionate about perfumes and in particular odors since a very young age, Anne MERCKLING naturally orientated her studies towards the chemistry of perfumes and is a graduate of the ISIPCA (International Superior Institute of Perfume of the cosmetics industry and food flavorings) in 1981.

Studies in marketing and business quickly allowed her to develop the double competence necessary in order to develop her passion for the world of perfumes. A perfume needs a bottle in order to spread and a name to exist! We judge a good perfume by the sum of its elements, and it's on the sum of the elements that she likes to intervene. After several years spent in the international marketing department of Giorgio Armani perfumes, Anne MERCKLING was ready to make available her double competences to companies, at the same time technical and marketing, by creating her own advisory company « Parfumes & Idées » in 1992.

Today, in complement to her advisory role for companies she also leans towards coaching... and the creation of made to measure perfumes. The excessive choice in this area, contrary to what we could imagine, prevents the client from finding their ideal perfume. How to find your way in this abundance of bottles, arranged in alphabetical order in the temples of selective beauty? It's in meeting numerous clients « lost » in the midst of « perfume consultations » organized for a large specialized chain, that the idea of accompanying them was born.

Hence the personal coaching aspect developed by Anne MERCKLING, which can go as far as creating a made to measure perfume.

Anne Merkling, founder of PARFUMS & IDEES
68 bis Bd Péreire 75017 Paris
Tél : +33 (0)1 47 66 56 24 / + 33 (0)6 11 75 08 59
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