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A gift at your service

 I have a gift for smelling and choosing the best perfumes created by perfumers. Three reasons can explain this gift :
- An early passion for perfumes and odors since early childhood
- A deep emotional olfactory sensibility which allows me to recognize the absolute emotion of a perfume.
- Knowledge of the marketplace and of consumers which has been gained throughout my expansive career

Thanks to this gift (which can't be learnt but is nourished by my work), I allow the companies which place their trust in me to :
- diminish the risks linked to their choice of perfume
- diminish the costs by avoiding multiple tests which is also a precious time saver. My name is therefore associated with the success of all the perfumes and products of the Sephora brand, to four perfumes from the feminine shower range of le Petit Marseillais, and to numerous other perfumes from large well known luxury brands, for which I can't cite the names.

A perfume can be both new and commercial as long as it radiates absolute emotion.

 I know how to help you choose the perfume which corresponds to you. The human being is complex as is his perfume; my role is to guide you in this search for yourself. By carrying out numerous tests we will evoke your imagination, we will analyze the effect felt and in so doing find the perfect blend: the perfume which is you. Several dozen people have already entrusted this task to me.

Amongst infinite perfumes, only one is you.

 I can help companies solve an infinite number of problems because my unique career has allowed me to have knowledge of each department of a cosmetics company. My advice exceeds the strictly olfactive framework and can be adapted to varied problems; such as the implementation of REACH for S+ (filial of Sephora for the development of the Sephora brand) or the value analysis of a very large market of perfume testing strips.

For every problem a solution.

 I am habilitated to help the Justice come to its conclusion by helping it technically in the understanding of facts having brought the parties to court. Only expert in perfumery registered on the list of Experts for the Appeal court of Paris, I have carried out a dozen of evaluations for the Tribunal of Commerce and the Family courts.

In matters of expertise, experience is equivalent to competence.

Anne MERCKLING, fondatrice de PARFUMS & IDÉES
68 bis Bd Péreire 75017 Paris
Tél : +33 (0)1 47 66 56 24 / + 33 (0)6 11 75 08 59
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