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Development of training tools targeted around the needs of your organization (specialized school, training organization, company in the beauty industry...).

The needs in terms of training will be directly linked to the sale and therefore orientated towards the client, or aimed at the company and the employees in the context of compulsory training. PARFUMS & IDEES develops tools adapted to specific problems; always keeping in mind the spirit of made to measure advice.

For example :

 How to create a reliable tool to help a consumer orient themselves, in the store where hundreds of perfumes are arranged in alphabetical order.

 On what basis should you advise a perfume over another ?

 Explaining the professions in the perfume industry to an audience of professionals, more or less informed, in the aim of giving a meaning to their own profession.

 How to create a file or a film on the world of perfumes or the creation of a new perfume, evoking at the same time the dream, the art and the professionalism of the varying professions.

PARFUMS & IDEES has the benefit of being declared as a training organism (n°11753121375) (This registration does not equivoque State approval).

The expertise of PARFUMS & IDEES allows for the creation of made to measure tools, giving value to your employees and improving your sales.

68 bis Bd Péreire 75017 Paris
Tél : +33 (0)1 47 66 56 24 / + 33 (0)6 11 75 08 59
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